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Do not be so quick to deride American culture just because more people desire it than your own. There is a reason why American music, nba jerseys for cheap fashions, food, and lifestyles are so fascinating to the rest of the world. Our culture is accessible in a way that few others are. If you find a system of culture to be lesser merely because it appeals to a more diverse set of people, then I suggest you take a second look at the way you think. Our diversity is our strength. What is yours? And, no, I'm not writing all this just because it's Independence Day. Ragtime as popularized by Scott Joplin around the begining of the twentieth century. Internet Culture which is still largely an American device, despite its international availibilty.

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Violence. While obviously not an American innovation,authentic nba jerseys cheap American society is much more forgiving of depictions and displays of violence than most of the industrailized world. Sex on the other hand, is shunned at every turn, most likely a relic of our Puritan heritage, in contrast to other industrialized nations. We don't have a culture. We have cable. That is to say, Americans don't just have one homogenous culture; rather, we have 80 plus homogenous cultures into which we fit with varying degrees of accuracy. America has no official language1; while most people speak English, cheap basketball jerseys a rapidly increasing number of "minorities" speak Spanish, Chinese, Korean, or any number of other languages. Similarly, if you visit a city or town with a large number of non English speakers, you will notice a culture vastly different from the norm you see on television.

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A lot of people are able to keep aspects of their homeland, replica nba jerseys creating a comfort zone in an unfamiliar country. The Religious Right and white supremacist groups insist that this is depriving America of its roots. However, the influx of different cultures has reshaped America. In many towns now, you can actually get more "authentic" East Asian cuisine than ever before. There are multiple Spanish broadcast networks: nba wholesale jerseys Galavision, Univision, and Telemundo, to name a few. Churches offer worship in multiple languages, with Korean churches seeing a particularly fast growth rate. The second generation folks children of immigrant parents tend to join the mainstream while subconsciously injecting their own culture into their circle of friends.