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The United States of America, jerseys like most countries, has it's fair share of american cryptozoology animals. In this article I will cover a few of my more favorite and imagination capturing reports. The first of the american cryptozoology animals we will cover is known as the 'Dover Demon'. 2014 mlb jerseys The Dover Demon is said to reside in Dover, mlb Massachusetts and was first reported in 1977. I personally like this american cryptozoology animal as I feel it could well break over into the alien territory as well as cryptozoology. The Dover Demon is said to be reasonably short and stands at around three feet tall.

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I have related the Dover Demon to alien sightings because of it's strange appearance. baseball jerseys china It is said to have a largish 'alien' shaped dome head with no nose and no mouth. It's eyes are also said to resemble aliens eyes and are over sized an glowing. Even though the creature has a lack of mouth it is said to be able to make really strange noises. majestic baseball jerseys Skeptics believe the sightings could be nothing more than a small animal like a baby mouse but witnesses say there is no chance of this. The second of the american cryptozoology animals I will cover here is a creature that is affectionately known as the Loch Ness monsters cousin 'Champ' from Lake Champlain. This particular american cryptozoology animal is well loved throughout the country much like the Loch Ness monster. There have been many sightings and even a few photographs captured.

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Next we come to the strange case of the 'Pope Lick Monster'. custom mlb baseball jerseys This particular american cryptozoology animal is said to be half man and half sheep. The creature is often spotted beneath a railway that crosses a creek in Louisville in Kentucky. This guy is not supposed to by that nice and is not loved like many similar cryptids. discount baseball jerseys The Pope Lick Monster is known to have the power to hypnotize passers by and cause them to walk in front of oncoming trains. This could possibly be just a cover up for the amount of suicides that happen on the railway bridge.