America is a democracy, where everyone, of the right age and criminal background, cheap nike air max 2013 can vote for what they want. They are allowed to voice an opinion, unless they are too young in which case no one will listen to the opinion. At that age people are taught what to believe by parents, teachers, and friends. By the time someone is of an age to vote and to express their opinion, most of the thoughts did not originate in their minds, but were taught to them. People often teach what you should and shouldn't value in people, what is "good," what is "bad," and what should be important to you. nike air max 2013 cheap They teach that education comes before creativity or individualized thoughts. People learn that they must think like the rest of America, and free thought is gradually taken away. During school, students are fed information and thoughts, which they are supposed to repeat right back to the teacher, and that is what most people consider to be their education, which many people spend hours a day doing. Gradually the things that make people different on the inside are being taken away from us, mens nike air max 2013 so that we can become better consumers. What people in America seem to want is not a culture, it's an economy. The citizens want more goods, so they readily take the role of consumers, discarding other equally as important rules they should play. The corporations want to sell more goods, air max 2013 sale and the government wants the money in the country to continue and grow. It appears that the consumers need to be trained to act as is best for the economy, to think as is best for the economy, and to act as is best for the economy. Our nation, however, is supposed to be based on the individuals needs. Apparently, our economy takes presence over all aspects of our lives. America needs to begin encouraging the different skills that people have, the different way of thinking, and the differences in people. cheap air max 2013 shoes We need to be thought of again as citizens rather than consumers. Until that happens, America cannot rightfully claim themselves as the superior nation. Many people say that America is a country of no culture, but this is not true. This is the definition of culture according to Merrian Webster: A. The customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group B. The characteristics features of everyday life. Saying that America has no culture is denying that we have an identity, traditions, folkways, or a heritage. America does have a culture.