Holiday Letting: Australia's leading independent boutique house accommodation provider well known for its design-conscious Beach Houses + Villas + Luxury Houses + Apartments - as well as its landmark urban boutique hotel Medusa. The collection also encompasses a suite of luxury properties on Italy's Amalfi Coast, a sumptuous villa in Bali and a beautiful apartment in Paris.

Design excellence is indeed the defining hallmark of the Contemporary Hotels ethos which celebrates Australian architects, interior architects and designers. The portfolio includes work by leading and award winning architects and designers such as Ian Moore, David Katon, Iain Halliday, Ed Lippmann, Scott Weston and Greg Natale.

Proprietor Terry Kaljo, who has been named one of the '25 People Who Changed Sydney' by The Sydney Magazine, first made her mark with her boutique hotel Medusa. Named as one of the "coolest hotels of the 21st century" by Conde Naste Traveller UK magazine, Medusa has won numerous awards in both the design

and travel industries and has long held reign as Sydney's signature boutique hotel. Kaljo herself is widely regarded by the Australian media and travel industry as an authority on accommodation, luxury, architecture, design and, on a more personal note, fashion.

Contemporary Hotels is the destination of choice by urban sophisticates, professionals, couples and well-travelled families looking for unique contemporary accommodation that celebrates Australia's style.

The Contemporary Hotels Philosophy

  • To know what is important and what is not important to the new generation of global traveller.
  • To understand that design is no temporary trend but the measure of sophisticated, urban and relaxed living.
  • To always appreciate humour, creativity and style.
  • To celebrate lifestyle.

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